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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can apply for properties through HomeSelecta?

To apply you must have been accepted onto the housing register of either Guildford Borough Council, Hart District Council, Rushmoor Borough Council or Waverley Borough Council. To register first click on How to Contact Us and then click on the website address for the council whose register you wish to join.

  • How many homes will be advertised through HomeSelecta?

Each council will advertise 10% of their annual vacancies, across a range of bedroom sizes through HomeSelecta.These properties will include both council and housing association homes.

  • Will any properties be excluded from the HomeSelecta scheme?

Yes certain properties may be excluded from the scheme, such as newly built homes, areas where there are fewer than ten council or housing association homes and rural properties that are built specifically to meet local housing needs.

  • Where are HomeSelecta properties advertised?

We will advertise all HomeSelecta properties through all of our own choice based lettings schemes, Guildford Homechoice, Hart Homes, Rushmoor Homefinder and Waverley Homechoice.

  • How do I bid for a HomeSelecta property?

You can only bid for a HomeSelecta property through the choice based lettings scheme of the council you are registered with.

  • How many HomeSelecta properties can I bid for each week?

You can bid for a total of 3 properties each week from the homes advertised in HomeSelecta and the choice based lettings scheme that you are registered with.

  • What size property can I apply for?

Each council has different rules for the type of home we would offer a household of a particular size. The council advertising the home will set the household size suitable for that property.

  • How is my application prioritised?

We will prioritise your application differently from the way we would normally do so. Click Prioritising Applications for more information

  • What checks will be made before I am offered a property?

The landlord of the property advertised will carry out his own checks according to his stated policy. If you do not meet the landlord's criteria you may not be offered the property. The landlord concerned will be able to provide details.

  • If I am offered the property what happens next?

The landlord will contact you and invite you to view the property. Following the viewing you will be asked to confirm if you would like the property or not. If you accept the landlord will agree a tenancy start date with you. If you refuse the property will be offered to the next eligible person. There is no penalty for refusing a property.You may continue to bid for properties in the normal way.

  • How will I know what has happened to the properties advertised?

Information about homes that have been successfully let through HomeSelecta is published. We tell you the number of applicants that expressed an interest in each property and the level of priority and registration date of the successful applicant. To see the results of properties that have been let see the Recent Lets section of the choice based lettings scheme you are registered with.

  • Can I appeal against any decisions made?

Yes you can ask for a review if:

  • You believe that we have not awarded your application the correct level of priority. You should make a request for a review to the council whose housing register you are on.
  • You were not offered the property that you successfully bid for. Your request for a review should be made to the landlord advertising the property.



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